University of Hawaii Employees Targeted by Phishing Email, Wichita State University Students and Employees Suffer Email Scam

2 - 9 October 2018

A small number of students from Brighton Secondary School in Adelaide, Australia, hacked the school’s computer systems last Friday using stolen staff login details.
University of Hawaii employees were targeted by a phishing attack that impersonated university officials to deceive victims into disclosing personal information. Victims received an email with a link that directed them to a ‘personal satisfaction survey’, which requested for their usernames and passwords to access the survey. The stolen usernames and passwords were then used by the attackers to create free email accounts for purchasing gift cards.

Additionally, more than 700 students and employees at Wichita State University in the United States received a fake email last Friday about a campus emergency. The recipients were asked to click on a malicious link to find out more about the fake incident that could have downloaded ransomware or malware that seek to obtain control of infected computers and pilfer personal information.

[1] Phishing attacks impersonate UH administrators to lure would-be victims
[2] Wichita State warns of email scam about campus emergency

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