Ransomware Hits More than 1,000 US Schools in 2019

17 - 24 December 2019

More than 1,000 education institutions in the US were affected by ransomware in 2019, according to two separate research reports.

Two separate research reports have indicated that more than 1,000 education institutions in the US were affected by ransomware in 2019. In an Armor report, it was listed that 72 school districts were compromised since January, affecting a total of 1,039 schools. A spike occurred between October and December when 11 school districts, or some 226 schools, suffered ransomware attacks. Similarly, an Emsisoft annual report on ransomware indicated that 86 universities, colleges and school districts, with operations at up to 1,224 individual schools were potentially affected. Schools will continue to be attractive targets for ransomware threat actors as these institutions are hosting large volume of sensitive data and do not have sufficient cybersecurity protections in place.


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