Automotive Cybersecurity Incidents Doubled in 2019

1 - 7 January 2020

A recent report revealed that the number of publicly reported automotive-related cyber incidents doubled in 2019.

A recent report revealed that automotive-related cyber incidents have increased significantly over the past 10 years, with the number of publicly reported attacks doubling in 2019 alone. The increase was due to the rapid growth of connected vehicles, which introduced new attack vectors to the automotive industry. Almost a third of all attacks involved the vehicle’s keyless entry systems, while backend servers and mobile apps accounted for 27 percent and 13 percent respectively. Majority of these attacks could also be launched remotely, which may result in car thefts, loss of control over car systems, and data breaches. In response, the automotive industry has adopted a multi-layered security approach by introducing new regulations and standards, security by design, in-vehicle and cloud-based automotive cybersecurity solution, and expanding SOCs to VSOCs (Vehicle Security Operations Centers) for early detection and rapid remediation.


Upstream Security's 2020 Global Automotive Cybersecurity Report (PDF)

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