Ensign subsidiary D’Crypt develops contact tracing technologies

D’Crypt has developed contact tracing technologies to help organisations monitor and minimise the spread of Covid-19.

D’Crypt, an Ensign InfoSecurity subsidiary, has developed contact tracing technologies that can help organisations monitor and minimise the spread of Covid-19 in their workplace. The technologies, BluePass and BlueGate, is currently being trialled by an Asia-based urban and infrastructure consulting firm at their worksites. 

Read more about BluePass and BlueGate here: https://ensign.global/DCrypt-ST-Feature

D’Crypt is a provider of world-class engineering and cryptographic capabilities. As a subsidiary of Ensign, it works together with the wider Ensign portfolio of bespoke service offerings to provide advanced cybersecurity solutions to secure enterprises and sectors against advanced threats in today’s digital economy.

Find out more: https://ensign.global/The-Ensign-Difference

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