Data Security in a Post-Covid-19 World

Learn how organisations can overcome the cybersecurity challenges arising from contact tracing applications and data management.

Data Security in a Post-COVID-19 WorldThe COVID-19 pandemic has made the collection of personal data on health status, physical movement, personal contacts, and in some cases, spending and behavioural patterns a necessity in contact tracing efforts. As employees progressively return to worksites, organisations are now implementing contact tracing measures, albeit with certain cyber risks, to collect, store and manage the personal data to prevent a ‘second-wave’ of infections.
In this featured editorial ‘Data Security in a Post-COVID-19 World’, Teo Xiang Zheng, Head of Advisory at Ensign Consulting, shares about the cybersecurity challenges arising from contact tracing applications and data management, and how organisations can implement a robust data security strategy to mitigate the risk of a data breach.
Highlights from the featured editorial include:

  • Types of contact tracing solutions and their associated cybersecurity challenges in data management
  • Hard truths about technology vulnerabilities and cyber supply-chain risks
  • Practical recommendations for organisations to secure data in this new digital age
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