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Cybersecurity Guide on the Revised MAS-TRM Guidelines 2021: Securing the Future of Financial Institutions and FinTech

Download the eBook to find out more about the 12 key changes of the revised MAS-TRM Guidelines, along with Ensign’s recommended approach.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore released the revised Technology Risk Management Guidelines (MAS-TRMG) in January 2021 to establish stronger governance, and strengthen cyber resiliency in the financial sector. It’s aimed at combating the industry’s evolving cyber threats, and minimising risks to supply chains. This guide discusses the key changes in the revised MAS-TRMG, and Ensign’s recommendations.

 Highlights of the eBook include:

  • 12 key changes of the revised MAS-TRMG
  • What financial institutions need to look out for
  • How Ensign can help

 Download our eBook to find out more.