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Ensign-IDC Infobrief

The Ensign-IDC Infobrief looks into the CISO’s (Chief Information Security Officers) agenda. Gain insights into how CISOs are able to better address cyber risks, and understand the importance of an intelligence-led approach to fend off the cyberthreat onslaught.
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Cyber threats loom larger than before as organisations adopt a hybrid working model, coupled with the need for digital transformation powered by cloud and automation. This in turn sees organisations expand their attack surfaces, which will also result in an increased exposure to cyber threats.

The Ensign-IDC Infobrief draws information from Ensign’s 2021 Cyber Threat Landscape Report to help CISOs better address cyber risks for their organisations. Download the Infobrief now as we zoom into what stands at the top of the CISO’s security agenda. These include:

  • Engendering the trust of the customers by securing customer data, privacy, and experience

  • Empowering employee flexibility and productivity while meeting security needs

  • Adopting a secure-by-design hybrid architecture 

  • Developing a trusted secure ecosystem