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Cybernews Interview (feat. Chan Kok Leong)

From key threats to watch out for to Ensign doubling down on its R&D efforts, Chan Kok Leong, Ensign’s VP of Engineering shares it all in an interview with CyberNews. He also talks about Ensign’s cybersecurity journey, and how the company aims to forge ahead.

Drawing insights from the 2021 Threat Landscape Report, Ensign’s VP of Engineering, Kok Leong, singles out cyber supply chain attacks and ransomware attacks to be among key threats that will persist in 2022. He adds that organisations ought to recognise the importance of taking additional steps to mitigate any form of elevated cyber risks. 

He also discusses Ensign’s approach in the cybersecurity industry, as well as the direction Ensign is taking in the coming year. 

Read all about it in this interview with CyberNews: