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The Importance of AI in the Fight Against Ransomware

Ransomware attacks are on the rise globally. Ensign’s Lead Data Scientist, Lee Joon Sern, explains the importance of Artificial Intelligence in combating these threats. He touches on how AI-Powered cyber defences work at the different stages of a ransomware’s cyber kill chain .
The Importance of AI in the Fight Against Ransomware

The spate of ransomware attacks globally has resulted in disruptions in services and businesses across various sectors. Global economic losses from these attacks have also exceeded millions of dollars.  

In this opinion piece on Cybersecurity ASEAN, Ensign’s Lead Data Scientist, Lee Joon Sern, explains how Artificial Intelligence is important in the fight against ransomware attacks. 

Joon Sern covers specific examples such as how AI-Powered cyber defences can tackle ransomware attacks, how to prepare for response and recovery of systems, as well as how ransomware attacks can gravely affect businesses. 
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