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Bracing For the Rising Tide of Cyber Threats Against the Maritime Industry

Maritime organisations face increasing cyber threats as they leverage on technology in their operations and management processes. Ensign’s Head of Advisory, Teo Xiang Zheng explains how maritime organisations can shore up their cyber defences in this opinion piece on Seatrade Maritime.

The use of technology in ship operations and management is placing maritime organisations at a risk of cyber-attacks. The ramifications of these cyber-attacks are wide-ranging, stemming from ship collisions to possible cargo losses, pollution, and even disruption in port operations.

In this opinion piece on Seatrade Maritime, Ensign’s Head of Advisory, Teo XiangZheng, explains measures maritime organisations can take to shore up their cyber defences. These include leveraging the cyber community for cyber threat information, bolstering organisations’ cybersecurity hygiene, or even reviewing and revising crisis management plans and playbooks. 

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