Join us in Singapore for

GovWare 2019 at Booth F02

From 1 to 3 October, we will be showcasing our multidimensional defence approach to conquer the constantly evolving threat landscape.

Part of the Singapore International Cyber Week, GovWare features the latest cyber technologies and perspectives from around the world to bring together cyber practitioners to network, discuss and collaborate.

This year, Ensign InfoSecurity is proud to be the cornerstone sponsor once again. From 1 to 3 October, we will be showcasing our multidimensional cyber defence approach to conquer the constantly evolving threat landscape. Empowering you with insight and foresight, we will help you Discover, Defend, and Defeat the vast unknown.

Visit our booth to get a firsthand experience of:

  • Live demonstration of Sector360, Ensign's new addition to its Singapore-centric Cyber Threat Intelligence platform
  • Live demonstration of our threat detection platform to find out how we enrich our security operations with intelligence and playbooks
  • Ensign’s strategic advisory workshop to gain a deeper understanding of your security posture

Join our resident experts at the following keynote and conference sessions:

Mr Lee Fook Sun
Ensign InfoSecurity
2 Oct 9.30am | GovWare Keynote
Meeting Singapore’s immediate and long term cybersecurity needs

With the global cyber talent crunch and increasingly sophisticated cyber threat actors, defending the cyber space can be a very challenging task. We need to drastically raise the cyber capabilities in Singapore to the highest levels in the immediate term to meet the threat posed by nation-state actors and well-resourced organised crime groups. At the same time, we have to significantly develop local talents. To accomplish this, a global partnership of top-tier cyber partners offers end-to-end cybersecurity across technology domains and physical geographies, while enriching local talent.

Dr Lim Woo Lip
EVP, Technology & Capabilities, Ensign InfoSecurity
2 Oct 11.30am | Cyber Threat Landscape & Intelligence
Developing Real-time Hyper-localised Threat Intelligence to Counter Advanced and Targeted Threats

As the deluge of threat continues, national governments and enterprises are fighting an asymmetric cyber war. Modern cyber attackers are well-funded and increasingly sophisticated, adept at highly-targeted techniques to breach cyber defenses in multiple ways. To counter these advanced and targeted threats, hyper-localised cyber threat intelligence focused on eminent threats can provide pre-emptive capabilities. A multi-level threat intelligence platform, built from strong data analytics capabilities and deep domain expertise, can forewarn imminent sector-specific threats critical to national security.

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GovWare 2019 at Booth F02
Tuesday, 01 Oct 2019
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