Design and implement strategies for cyber resilience and readiness to defend against advanced and emerging threats ​

With the rapidly changing cyber threat landscape, what worked yesterday may not be enough for tomorrow. Increasing digitalisation of business functions only means an ever increasing attack surface for threat actors. 

Augmented by our global partnerships and highly experienced specialists, Ensign Consulting provides full service premium cyber consulting services. With demonstrated expertise in essential cyber elements, such as strategy, governance, enterprise risk management, controls architecture design, implementation and management, Ensign enables you to make informed cyber risk management decisions and improve your resilience in the face of ever-growing cyber threats.

Challenges that enterprises face today

Lack of in-house capabilities to strategically advance cyber maturity

Lack of knowledge of the latest adversarial Tactics, Techniques & Procedures

Lack of in-house resources to respond to a sophisticated attack

Lack of understanding of industry best practices

The benefits of engaging Ensign Consulting

Access to CISO-level expertise and experience to map out cyber strategies

Enhanced cyber operational readiness for a cyber resilient organisation

Reduced gap remediation costs with a security-by-design approach

Cyber strategies that cater to your organisation's unique business needs

Tailored to your specific business needs and environment, Ensign Consulting can provide expert guidance to help enhance your cyber maturity


Executive Advisory
Operations Tranformation
Technology Transformation


Cyber Adversarial Emulation
Cyber Hunting and Crisis Response
Cyber Risk Assurance
Cyber Threat Intelligence
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Ensign Managed Security Services

Operates intelligence-led advanced detection, threat hunting and response services

Ensign Systems Integration

Architects and deploys advanced cybersecurity solutions that bolster defences

Ensign Labs

Performs deep research to develop next-generation solutions for enhanced early warning detection capabilities

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