Ensign Helios​

Detect advanced threats with AI-Powered Cyber Analytics

Establishing a Multi-Layered Defence ​

Organisations constantly face an increasing need to transform their security operations for improved effciency and productivity. Along with this transformation come cyber challenges that must not be taken lightly. As the threat landscape continues to evolve, threat actors intensify deployments of advanced techniques to launch targeted, persistent attacks. Phishing and data breaches have existed for decades. Yet, they remain prevalent threats as attackers continuously evolve their techniques to evade traditional signature and rule-based systems.

To help address these concerns, Ensign Helios can work in tandem with an organisation’s existing cyber systems to establish a multi-layered defence against such advanced and evolving cyber threats.

Challenges Organisations Face

Inability to detect rapidly evolving cyberattacks through conventional methods

Growing vectors for attack of prevalent threats like phishing

Lack of skilled cybersecurity talent, leading to overlooking of critical alerts

Expensive investment in human capital to process increased alerts