Develop bespoke solutions against state-of-the-art threat actors

In the current threat landscape, state-sponsored and corporate espionage threat actors have the resources to exploit software vulnerabilities, and carry out large-scale attacks that can escape even the best solutions in the market.


For organisations to stay ahead of cyber criminals, they need to draw on threat intelligence that provides them with better visibility over threats targeting their sectors, as well as early warnings of impending attacks.


Ensign Labs develops bespoke cybersecurity solutions to ward off threats of such nature. At the core of its capabilities is a patented innovative approach, and a vast repository of research and profiles on threats. Through these innovative investments, and knowledge, along with global partnerships, it converges and contextualises intel and behaviour-based cyber analytics to proactively detect and contain advanced and emerging threats in real time.

Introduction to Data Science
Hear from our Data Science Vice-President, Quek Han Yang as he shares more about how Ensign Labs leverages machine learning and AI to help create threat detection models that better equip our customers against advanced cyber threats.
Get an edge over advanced and targeted threats with Ensign Labs' bespoke services and deep expertise.

Threat Analysis

Data Science

Malware Analysis

Threat Research

Vulnerability Research

Solutions Engineering

Ensign Labs Patent

Patent : A Deep Embedded Self-Taught Learning System and Method for Detecting Suspicious Network Behaviours

Patent : A Method For Detecting DGAs Using Deep Learning And Signal Processing Techniques

Ensign Labs Factsheets & Resources

Importance of AI and ML in Building a Strong Cyber Defence

Data: A Key Weapon in Your Cybersecurity Arsenal

Combatting DGA with Ensign's DGA Detection Model

Ensign Labs' AI-Powered Cyber Analytics

Data Exfiltration Through Emails: What Is It And How Do you Detect It?

Find out more about Ensign Labs' capabilities

Challenges that organisations face today

Increasing need for highly bespoke solutions

Reactionary approach to threat detection via Indicators-of-Compromise

Lack localised threat intelligence

Overwhelmed by un-actionable threat intelligence

Benefits of engaging Ensign Labs

Proactive cyber posture to nullify threats before they hit

Access to deep expertise in network protocols, data analytics & cyber intelligence tradecraft

Access to hyper-localised and actionable threat intelligence

Highly bespoke cyber solutions to address unique requirements that escape traditional perimeter defences

Find out more about other Ensign services

Ensign Managed Security Services

Operates intelligence-led advanced detection, threat hunting and response services

Ensign Consulting

Provides insights on how organisations can enhance their security posture across their cybersecurity lifecycles

Ensign Systems Integration

Architects and deploys advanced cybersecurity solutions that bolster defences

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