Red Teaming

Red Teaming
The constantly evolving threats leave many organisations unable to predict the adversaries’ next move. To turn things around, it is critical for organisations to gain a deep understanding of their cybersecurity posture and how they can effectively respond to attacks. 

Through Red Teaming exercises, Ensign enables organisations to be in a better position to defend against the onslaught of attacks. Employing cyber criminals’ tactics, techniques and procedures, Ensign can test and improve organisations’ level of readiness against real-world cyberattacks. Read the factsheet and learn more about:

• Adversarial Emulation
• Vulnerability assessment & Penetration Testing

• Key areas of typical Red Teaming Exercise

With constantly evolving threats, organisations are often left unprepared for any incident. Ensign helps develops their readiness through multi-faceted training exercises using real-world cyberattack scenarios.