Architect and build secure-by-design solutions for a more robust cyber defence​

The increasing sophistication and cost of cyber attacks have made effective cybersecurity solutions more critical. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all cybersecurity solution. Organisations need a tailored, integrated, and robust approach to cyber defence, now more than ever.

Ensign Systems Integration draws on its deep expertise in enterprise security design and deployment to offer you security technology solutions for your most complex cyber challenges. By combining technology best practices and practical experience, we excel in leading your end-to-end security projects through technology selection, design review, architecture assessment, and technology implementation and optimisation.

Challenges that organisations face today

Highly customised SOC requirements due to unique business needs

Lack breadth of expertise across multiple domains

Lack of experience in constructing advanced security-by-design architectures

Cloud computing increases vulnerability as enterprises have no control over security

Gain maximum value for your cyber technologies with Ensign Systems Integration's expertise in full range of security disciplines.

SOC Design & Build

We design and build advanced Security Operations Centres (SOC) across on-premise, Cloud, and hybrid environments. Powered with cyber threat intelligence and automation features, our SOCs provide accurate, efficient, and early-warning threat detection and response capabilities.

Infrastructure Security

We secure your critical infrastructure across IT, OT, IoT, 5G environments, detecting and stopping cyberattacks before they compromise your critical systems, while taking into consideration Safety and Availability.

Access & Identity

Critical data such as customer identities, financial information, and personally identifiable information are prime targets for cyber threat actors. Find out how Ensign can help you protect your crown jewels.

​Advanced Analytics

Cyber threats are becoming more advanced and sophisticated, and have the ability to bypass traditional detection tools. Ensign Advanced Analytics provides capabilities of advanced threat detection using artificial intelligence and machine learning behavioural models.

Endpoint Security

The growing number of endpoints, types of endpoints such as BYOD, and remote working arrangements make traditional perimeter security insufficient. Our services such as Endpoint Detection & Response, Mobile Security, File Integrity Monitoring, and more, provide far greater security.

Data Protection

Sensitive data, such as financial information and medical information, increasingly becomes valuable targets for cyber criminals. Ensign’s Data Protection solutions secure and monitor data across endpoint, cloud, network and in storage.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

We assess, design and build an integrated Information Security Management System (ISMS) that enables a clear framework across your entire information security function. This service includes asset and vulnerability management, policy management, information security risk management, and ISMS governance.

Benefits of engaging Ensign Systems Integration

Access to solution architect capabilities and expertise in the full-range of cyber domains

Maximised returns from best-of-breed cyber solutions with effective integration

Deep experience in designing advanced cyber architectures

Faster integration deployment of security technologies

Find out more about other Ensign services

Ensign Managed Security Services

Operates intelligence-led advanced detection, threat hunting and response services

Ensign Consulting

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Ensign Labs

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