Combat advanced threats beyond the traditional perimeter

Organisations increasingly prioritise cybersecurity as a core part of their digital transformation and organisational resilience. The rapid pace at which cyber threats and technologies are evolving increases the cost of staying ahead of threat actors. At the same time, organisations struggle to juggle between protecting their business and growing it.


To help address such concerns, Ensign Managed Security Services brings a host of advanced managed solutions via the Ensign Security Operations Centres (EnSOCs). EnSOC is ISO27001 certified, adhering to globally recognised standards for security controls and best practices. It has also achieved an OSPAR (Outsourced Service Provider Audit Report) attestation.


We take on the day-to-day defence of your infrastructure by monitoring your network, systems and data, 24/7/365. Embedded with automation and driven by proprietary threat intelligence and patented threat models, Ensign SOCs provide real-time monitoring and clear visibility of your data across on-premises and hybrid cloud environments. This strengthens your security posture while helping you detect and neutralise security threats.

Elevate your cybersecurity posture

while reducing cyber capital expenditures with Ensign’s Managed Security Services through three streams of services

Advanced Threat Detection

Ensign’s AI -Powered Cyber Analytics

A MSS capability differentiated by employing patented algorithm and novel approaches, Ensign’s AI-powered cyber analytics leverages our own deep learning and customised behavioural analytics to provide our customers a technological edge in detecting threats with speed and accuracy.

Threat detection models can be incorporated onto existing EnSOCs.

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Core Managed Security Services

Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Through our experts and technology partners, our managed security services can provide clients with advanced threat detection and response capabilities, proactive threat hunting, and incident response services. Ensign’s MDR service leverages behavioural analytics, automation, and a team of experts to effectively mitigate advanced threats that are targeting customers' environment.

Device Management (DM)

Device Management provides 24/7 monitoring and management of our customers’ security solutions through regular maintenance and support in alignment with vendors' recommended best practices. Our Device Management includes:


  • Managed Secure Gateway
  • Endpoint Protection Platform
  • Cloud Web Application Firewall
  • Managed Identity
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Managed Database Activity Monitoring (MDAM)

Managed Database Activity Monitoring solution has capabilities in detection and discovery of unauthorised database access, vulnerabilities management, intrusion preventing and more.

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Cloud Security Services

Cloud Workload Security Monitoring

Ensign’s Cloud Workload Security Monitoring service monitors your cloud workloads, cloud security solutions, and provides comprehensive support to give you unified visibility over your data.


It taps on our own proprietary cyber threat intelligence platform to correlate global threat intelligence and Singapore-centric threat landscape for contextualised and actionable cyber threat insights.


This helps reduce the time and resources needed to detect, investigate, and escalate threat alerts.

Powered by Ensign Labs’ R&D capabilities

Ensign’s Managed Security Services constantly receives threat intelligence from our Ensign Labs. Ensign Labs’ R&D team possesses advanced capabilities in analytics and threat research to ensure defences are up-to-date. It also develops better detection models for sifting out emerging threats.


More than just delivering threat indicators, the team provides insights into threat actors’ tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) through qualitative research. Our experts can also identify and understand adversaries’ behaviours, enabling resilient threat detection that can adapt to organisations’ evolving IT infrastructure, as well as threat actors’ techniques.

Ensign Managed Security Services Resources

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Ensign Cloud Workload Security Monitoring

Ensign Security Operations Centre (SOC) Service

Challenges organisations face

Difficulties in scaling skilled in-house expertise

Exponentially increasing cost of in-house cybersecurity operations

Requirements to improve Data Enrichment with Industry Correlation, and evolved Threat Modelling

Benefits of partnering with Ensign Managed Security Services

Pro-active advanced threat detection and contextualised and actionable insights

Unified visibility over cloud and on-premises environments

Artificial Intelligence-Powered Cyber Analytics through patented, advanced self-learning models to pre-empt unknown threats

Scalable cybersecurity operations enable organisations to focus on core business

End-to-end, pure-play cyber expertise provides comprehensive support to organisations

Quick response to incidents with built-in orchestration and automation

Find out more about other Ensign services

Ensign Consulting

Provides insights on how organisations can enhance their security posture across their cybersecurity lifecycles

Ensign Systems Integration

Architects and deploys advanced cybersecurity solutions that bolster defences

Ensign Labs

Performs deep research to develop next-generation solutions for enhanced early warning detection capabilities

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