Cybersecurity threats have moved from the server to the boardroom. At Ensign InfoSecurity, we have a suite of services to address boardroom and cybersecurity concerns for the whole-of-organisation starting from strategy.
Xiang Zheng, Head of Advisory shares about Cyber Strategy
Types of Ensign Cyber Strategy Services
Our consultants work with clients to understand and grow their cybersecurity maturity posture to one that meets the threats in the environment they operate in. We support them in developing their strategies, operational plans, policies and procedures, as well as help them understand and build up their confidence, readiness, and resilience in cyber operations.

Executive Advisory

Our CISO Advisory services provide C-level expertise and advice to augment your organisation’s cyber capabilities.

Cyber Simulation Exercises

We help organisations develop a cyber risk culture, and conduct tabletop and wargaming exercises to build cyber resilience.

Cyber Risk Quantification

Understanding cyber threats and risk in light of your organisation and business.

Policies, Processes and Procedures Development

We help organisations develop and implement a policy infrastructure that manages risk to meet business needs.

Strategic Transformation Programme Advisory

We work with clients on cyber transformation initiatives to meet evolving threats and unlock business opportunities.

Maturity Risk Profiling and Benchmarking

Identify gaps and areas of improvement against the 5 core functions of Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond & Recover.

Ensign Cybersecurity Maturity Framework
We determine the point-in-time state of cybersecurity maturity of the organisation by obtaining indicators against the functions of Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover. This helps us identify gaps, as well as recommend initiatives to enhance areas of improvement.

5 functions, 23 categories, and 108 subcategories mapped to specific business objectives, threats and industry regulations to achieve targeted outcomes and enhance the cyber maturity of your organisation.

Proven track record in profiling and enhancing the cybersecurity maturity of companies across multiple industries, including the financial services sector.

Trusted framework used to identify cybersecurity gaps, and enhance them against all dimensions of People, Process and Technology.

How does it benefit organisations?

Threat Intelligence-led to direct cybersecurity investments for greater return of investments.

Improved communications of cybersecurity priorities and initiatives to both business and technology units.

Improved operational effectiveness that goes beyond just compliance to regulatory requirements

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