Modern cyber attackers are getting more sophisticated and employing highly targeted techniques that technology alone cannot solve. To identify and stop these attackers, you must equip your organisation with preemptive and proactive defence capabilities.   


Ensign Cyber Threat Intelligence services can gather hyper-localised, sector-centric intelligence that enables you to take on a predictive cyber posture, and counter advanced and targeted threats.

What Ensign Cyber Threat Intelligence Can Do For You

Early Warning Detection

Ensign’s Cyber Threat Intelligence provides you with preemptive and proactive capabilities to detect and respond to threats way before they compromise your organisation.

Reduce Cyber Exposure

Discover your digital footprint, and identify potential data compromises, leaked credentials, and vulnerable systems. Such actionable insights allow you the visibility into what data has been lost and how to retrieve or destroy it.

Reduce Cyber Risks

Identify third-party risks and weaknesses in your supply chain before cyber attackers can exploit them, and steal data from you or your organisation.

Why Ensign Cyber Threat Intelligence

Contextualised Intelligence

Draw from highly contextualised and localised cyber threat intelligence, and gain for your organisation deep insights and visibility into the extended attack lifecycle.

Proprietary Cyber Threat Detection & Analytics Engine

Capable of ingesting high-speed big data in real time, Ensign’s proprietary Cyber Threat Detection and Analytics Engine can analyse huge volumes of network events and anomalies.

Deep analyses into the different stages of the cyber attack lifecycle

Our robust analytics system enables organisations to speed up investigation of suspicious network activities, and always be several steps ahead of the attackers.

Ways to Apply Cyber Threat Intelligence Across Your Organisation




For Security Operations
Arm your Security Operations with live feeds and reports about specific attacks and campaigns. This information includes insights on attack vectors, software vulnerabilities, command and control, Indicators of Compromise, malware hashes, suspicious domains and others.

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