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Implementing cybersecurity technologies, and employing the right people to operate them can improve the cyber defence of your organisation. However, as threat actors continue to evolve, they employ highly targeted, and advanced tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) to infiltrate and breach organisations’ networks. To stay ahead of this trend, it is important for organisations to regularly test their cyber defences and readiness to enhance cyber resiliency.


Ensign’s Offensive Cybersecurity exercises help organisations test, evaluate, and enhance their cybersecurity posture. Through a threat-driven approach, our consultants identify real-world adversaries targeting particular organisations, and mimic their TTPs for compromising critical systems and exfiltrating specific, sensitive data.

Types of Ensign Offensive Cybersecurity Services

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

We use automated and manual interventions to execute advanced penetration tests that can identify gaps and vulnerabilities in applications, networks, systems, and on cloud. This service provides a detailed picture of the flaws that exist in the organisation’s systems, and the technical risks associated with those flaws.

Red Teaming

Our Red Team simulates real-world cyberattacks to test, evaluate, and improve our clients’ detection and response competencies. The Ensign Athena Threat Analysis team augments the Red Team by identifying and analysing both known and unknown threats, and mapping them to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework across the kill-chain.

Purple Teaming

Ensign Purple Teaming takes on a collaborative approach to provide deeper security assurance. This end-to-end attack-and-defend approach—where Ensign’s Red Team works closely with the client’s Blue Team—helps organisations identify weaknesses, and provides them with the ability to configure, tune and improve the cybersecurity posture of People, Process and Technology.

Cyber Threat Hunting

Ensign’s Cyber Response & Threat Hunting team offers a proactive approach in threat detection and response. Leveraging deep investigation and malware analysis capabilities from Ensign Labs, and Dark Web monitoring capabilities, we are able to provide greater visibility into advanced cyber threats, and mitigate them before they do any harm to your organisation.

Ensign Offensive Cybersecurity Approach
Unique Value Proposition & Differentiators
Combining capabilities across Ensign’s cyber practices
Ensign’s Red Team collaborates closely with Ensign Labs. Specialising in malware analysis, as well as research and development of adversaries’ TTPs, Ensign Labs enables the Red Team to launch specialised, advanced simulated cyber attacks on networks and systems. It also draws expertise from Ensign Security Operations Centre (EnSOC) to identify emerging cyber threats, using these insights to improve clients’ security controls and detection rules.
Leveraging Ensign Athena for cyber threat intelligence profiling
The Ensign Athena Threat Analysis team offers human intelligence through Dark Web Monitoring, Social Media Monitoring, and proprietary tradecraft techniques to perform threat actor profiling. This provides our Red Team with the ability to mimic targeted cyber attacks launched by specific threat actor groups against a particular organisation.
How does it benefit organisations?

Evaluate the risk and susceptibility of your People, Process and Technology against a cyber attack—through simulated exercises in a controlled environment.

Assess the organisation’s cyber security posture, as well as gain the ability to detect, respond and remediate highly targeted cyber attacks.

Improve both short-term and long-term decision-making of strategic investments and cybersecurity programmes.

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