The Ensign Difference

Exceeding expectations is in our system, manifesting our mission in everything we do company-wide, as we continue to push the norms against the backdrop of an ever-evolving threat landscape. Backed by innovative technologies and world-class expertise, we empower public and private organisations to excel in their field. To set them up for success, we instil a high level of confidence in their cybersecurity posture, as we:

Adopt a threat-based approach to cybersecurity
Build encryption tools that secure tomorrow’s digital transformation
Collaborate with a global platform to stay ahead of the knowledge curve

Adopt a threat-based approach to cybersecurity

We secure our clients’ cyber presence by providing bespoke advisories and best-of-breed capabilities based on real-time, in-depth analysis of prevailing and potential threats. With the capacity for large scale, high-speed, big data processing, along with a dedicated access to network traffic data analytics, our proprietary artificial intelligence capability—augmented by indispensable human judgement—can identify fast-evolving malicious activities that cannot be tracked by Indicators of Compromise through conventional threat intelligence feeds.

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By understanding the threats faced by organisations, we can identify the gaps in our clients’ environment and design security strategies and solutions to improve their security posture, as well as mitigate those threats.


We proactively use threat insights to build secure-by-design technology architecture that meet our clients’ needs and solve their security challenges. By integrating various data and information, we can build systems that employ a combination of signature-based and behavioural-based threat detection capabilities.


We leverage intelligence to contextualise data and malicious activity in organisations’ environment. By combining people and technology, we are able to evolve our clients’ defence systems against known attacks, as well as provide more targeted and proactive threat hunting.

Build Encryption

Build encryption tools that secure tomorrow’s digital transformation

As advancements in technology push the boundaries of what organisations can achieve, they are inadvertently creating a digital path fraught with greater risks and uncertainties. For this reason, we are constantly building and harnessing smart technologies—secure data encryption for one—along with a talented pool of experts, that organisations can tap to successfully navigate this perilous digital journey. We design and deploy robust cybersecurity roadmaps that can transcend the test of time and the rigour of persistent, endless onslaught of attacks, enabling us to future-proof our client’s digital transformation.

Ensign bolsters its capabilities with D’Crypt

Together with D’Crypt, an Ensign subsidiary, we enable organisations with highly secured means of exchanging data by harnessing advanced cryptographic expertise. This capability augments Ensign’s initiatives in securing info-communication technologies and Internet of Things—vital ecosystems with which APAC governments can realise their visions of robust, secure Smart Nation platforms

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“The cyber threat landscape is evolving rapidly. Investing and nurturing talent is central to Ensign’s mission to protect our clients’ networks, especially as many of them digitise their systems and processes. We will provide next-generation solutions to businesses across verticals, combat advanced threats and strengthen the cyber security ecosystem in Singapore and the region.”

Mr Lee Fook Sun,
Chairman of Ensign InfoSecurity

Collaborate with a global platform to stay ahead of the knowledge curve

The ability to outsmart cyber threats increases when there’s more timely and comprehensive information in hand, to which we have constant access. We are part of a pure-play cybersecurity global partnership platform aimed at continuous collaboration on project, knowledge and expertise sharing, to preempt and overcome the threats of tomorrow. In conjunction with Temasek Holdings, we have joined forces with globally acclaimed cyber firms, namely: Sygnia, Claroty, IronNet Cybersecurity, BlueVoyant, Armis, and D’Crypt, giving us a vantage position to confront adversaries.



Armis allows enterprises to develop full visibility and control over the IoT devices that operate within their networks and physical premises.

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BlueVoyant provides global threat intelligence, identifying emerging attacks outside an organisation’s perimeter, assessing third-party risk, and enriching threat risk scores.

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Claroty enables advanced capabilities that monitor and detect cyber threats in industrial control systems.

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IronNet delivers scalable cyber situational context at the enterprise, sectoral and national levels through innovative machine learning approaches.

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Sygnia facilitates sophisticated threat defence enablement services, and threat response services.

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D’Crypt enables organisations with high secured means of exchanging data by harnessing advanced cryptographic expertise and technologies.

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“Today’s advanced threat actors are sophisticated, well-funded adversaries who can rapidly change their tactics, techniques and procedures to avoid detection. Defending against these threats require enterprises, their industry and their governments to work together to build a collective defense framework that strengthens the security posture for all members. The three strategic focuses that we have devised with Ensign for the Cyber Analytics COE will help build a joint defense framework to accomplish exactly those goals.” 


GEN (ret.) Keith Alexander,
Founder and co-CEO of IronNet Cybersecurity