The Ensign Difference

Global cybersecurity platform

Our determination is to bring to the APAC region, leading-edge, disruptive cybersecurity capabilities from around the world in conjunction with our major shareholder Temasek Holdings.

We are in the unique position to seek out the world’s most unique and cutting-edge cyber capabilities to keep the region ahead of the curve.

Today, we have established The Cyber Analytics Centre for Excellence and have joined forces with top tier incident response agency Sygnia, leading operational technology cybersecurity company Claroty, and leading IT data analytics firm IronNet Cybersecurity. 


“Today’s advanced threat actors are sophisticated, well-funded adversaries who can rapidly change their tactics, techniques and procedures to avoid detection. Defending against these threats require enterprises, their industry and their governments to work together to build a collective defense framework that strengthens the security posture for all members. The three strategic focuses that we have devised with Ensign for the Cyber Analytics COE will help build a joint defense framework to accomplish exactly those goals.” 

GEN (ret.) Keith Alexander,
Founder and co-CEO of IronNet Cybersecurity

Proprietary R&D advanced capabilities


Ensign Labs holds over 15 patents in SIEM solutions and provides advanced cybersecurity innovation in instances where off-the-shelf security products are ineffective.

Led by an award-winning team, we combine proprietary R&D and data analytics capabilities with access to telco network flow information for multi-layer threat detection. This provides unprecedented visibility across the entire cyber kill-chain, resulting in holistic cyber defence, even at a national level. 

With the capacity for large scale, high speed real-time big data ingestion and processing, Ensign’s proprietary machine learning algorithms can identify fast-evolving malicious activities that cannot be tracked by Indicators of Compromise through conventional threat intelligence feeds


“The cyber threat landscape is evolving rapidly. Investing and nurturing talent is central to Ensign’s mission to protect our clients’ networks, especially as many of them digitise their systems and processes. We will provide next-generation solutions to businesses across verticals, combat advanced threats and strengthen the cyber security ecosystem in Singapore and the region.”

Mr Lee Fook Sun,
Chairman of Ensign InfoSecurity

Largest end-to-end pure-play cyber provider


By combining best-in-class capabilities in analytics, professional services, managed security services and systems integration, and augmented by the Temasek’s Global Cybersecurity Platform, Ensign offers end-to-end cybersecurity services that cover the entire cybersecurity lifecycle. 

This includes advisory and consultancy, systems integration, and managed security services, carried out by more than 500 certified cyber professionals.