Unleash the best in you. Be a cyber defender of choice.

The Ensign Technical Graduate Programme (TGP) seeks to cultivate the next generation of cybersecurity leaders. 


This is a three-year programme with an annual job rotation across three of our six business units. You will gain critical cross-functional knowledge and experience from working with the different departments, expanding both your depth and breadth in cybersecurity. 


Get the support you need to adapt to a dynamic work environment, and maximise your growth opportunities by accessing an active internal network of industry experts and a dedicated mentor. You will undergo a steep learning curve, but it will be worth it. If you are the talent we are looking for, join us!


The Consultant

Be a trusted advisor in our Consulting business unit when it comes to planning and implementing cybersecurity strategies against evolving threats.

The Designer

Be the architect that builds secure-by-design solutions in our Systems Integration business unit for a more robust defence

The Eye

Your watchful, vigilant eyes, gut feel, and deep understanding of threats can save the day for many companies in our Managed Security Service business unit

The Innovator

Be part of a team with the passion for developing cutting-edge and bespoke cybersecurity solutions in our Labs business units





Application Period
Jul to Sep
Job Rotation
Job Rotation
Job Rotation
Final Placement
Apply Now

Apply Now

Applications are now open for fresh graduates with relevant degrees.

Programme FAQ:

How is the Programme structured?
This is a 3-year programme with an annual rotation across three of our six business units. Our fast-paced programme will accelerate your career in Cybersecurity, providing you with exposure and experience across a wide range of cybersecurity areas from which you can gain cross-functional knowledge and skills.

Application FAQs:

How do I apply to the programme?
Email your CV to Graduates@ensigninfosecurity.com.


Who should apply to the programme?
We seek technically strong, curious go-getters who want to make a difference in Cybersecurity.


When do you begin accepting applications?
Applications will open from October each year.


When is the closing date for application?
The closing date for applications is 31 December 2023.


When does the programme commence every year?
The programme will start upon graduation in Q3 2024 the following year.


I am a Year 2 student, can I apply?
Yes! We welcome all applicants, and will make early offers for subsequent intakes to successful applicants.


Will I be notified if I am not selected?
Yes, unsuccessful candidates will be notified via email.


What is the hiring process like?
There will be four rounds of selection, which include HR screening, two panel interviews and an aptitude test.


What kind of roles can I expect for rotation?
There is a variety of roles you may rotate through, such as Cyber Threat Intel Consultant, Security Operations Centre Analyst, and Advanced Analytics Consultant.


Do I get to choose my rotation?
We will take your career aspirations and interests into consideration wherever possible.


Will I be able to work abroad for one of my rotations?
It is possible to work in a different country for one of your rotations. However, as we will need to take business needs into consideration, we cannot guarantee an overseas rotation.


What is the compensation package for this programme?
We offer a competitive salary package along with fringe benefits.

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