Welcome to our Fraud Awareness page
In an era where trust and reputation define businesses, safeguarding our integrity is paramount in serving you better. We want to caution you about potentially fraudulent activities targeting online users by impersonating and exploiting our brand through deceptive emails and/or graphics. Your vigilance serves as the cornerstone of our collective defence against impersonation and deception.

Stay Informed

Be vigilant against phishing, identity theft, and unauthorised data access attempts. We will never request sensitive information through unsolicited means.

Stay Protected

Avoid responding to suspicious emails, always verify sender addresses, and refrain from clicking on unfamiliar links or attachments.

Reporting Fraud
If you suspect fraudulent behaviour involving the misappropriation of our identity (Ensign InfoSecurity), we encourage you to promptly report the incident through our web form
Examples of Fraudulent Behaviour
Fraudulent Website
Fraudulent Website
  • When uncertain about a website using the Ensign InfoSecurity brand, access via our official website for guaranteed security. 
  • Our official website: https://www.ensigninfosecurity.com/ 
Fraudulent Email
Fraudulent Email
  • All official Ensign InfoSecurity communication will always be sent from @ensigninfosecurity.com. 
Fraudulent SMS
Fraudulent SMS
  • SMS scams often employ shortened URLs like https://bit.ly/ to obscure the true destination. 
  • The sender number frequently appears as a generic name, such as "Cyber Security," and may have a country prefix from an unexpected territory (e.g. +234). 
Fraudulent Social Media Accounts
Fraudulent Social Media Accounts
  • The account lacks verification/authenticity (e.g. incomplete, or inaccurate "About Us" section). 
  • The account attempts to communicate through encrypted channels like WhatsApp or Telegram. 
  • The account is newly created. 
  • Suspicious offers such as "free services" or "you have won 1 million dollars". 
  • Inadequate profile picture (Ensign InfoSecurity logo) and inconsistent background picture. 
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