Tailored Solutions Against Advanced Threat Actors

In today's threat landscape, sophisticated threat actors, including state-sponsored and corporate espionage groups, possess the capabilities to exploit software vulnerabilities and execute large-scale attacks that can evade standard security measures.


To outpace cybercriminals, organisations must leverage threat intelligence that offers enhanced visibility into sector-specific threats and early detection of imminent attacks. At Ensign, we provide bespoke solutions to help organisations stay ahead of evolving threats and protect their valuable assets.

Unique challenges faced by organisations:

Reactionary approach to threat detection

Combat evolving threats with proactive defences, avoiding costly reactionary measures.

Increasing need for highly bespoke solutions

Generic solutions often fail to meet sophisticated security needs.

Lack localised threat intelligence

Relevant threat intelligence feeds tailored to specific markets are crucial for organisations.

Overwhelmed by unactionable threat intelligence

Organisations face alert fatigue due to talent shortages and data overload.

Our Capabilities
Data Science
Data Science
Cutting-Edge Data Science for Enhanced Threat Detection

Leveraging proprietary detection models and patented algorithms, our Data Science capability enhances threat detection accuracy and speed. It enables machine learning with partially labelled data, reducing dependency on labelled data for model training. This improves the effectiveness of threat detection for our clients.

Cyber Research
Cyber Research
Advanced Cybersecurity Analysis and Research

Our experts utilise cutting-edge techniques to analyse malware, conduct threat research, and perform in-depth vulnerability assessments. With extensive databases and data sources, we provide actionable insights, automate attack contextualisation, and deliver comprehensive threat reports. We help organisations understand their weaknesses, defend against attacks, and enhance their cybersecurity posture.

Integrated Solutions Development for Enhanced Cybersecurity

Our Solutions Engineering team leverages our diverse capabilities to architect and develop tailor-made solutions based on client needs. With expertise in big data engineering and web development, we combine data science and engineering concepts to create robust processing platforms and customised applications for our clients.

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